Open Source Software Solutions

Cirql is an Australian owned private company with more than ten tears of experience in developing online content and people management solutions.

Cirql is a software service that can be accessed online through your Internet browser. Cirql's software can be used to create a full featured website for an small, medium or larger organisation.

Cirql software is designed and built using a combination of free, open source software and custom developed applications. Cirql's software is developed using industry best practice in every aspect.

With cirql, you can have a fully functional, feature rich website up and running instantly. The days of drawn out, time consuming and expensive tendering processes are over. Using Cirql's approach, you can have a site up and running in a matter of hours.

Cirql software meets the key criteria. Cirql software is :

  • secure
  • reliable
  • feature-rich
  • easy to use
  • quick and simple to setup
  • fully supported
  • cost effective

Cirql is an enterprise-level solution that is suitable for a wide range of applications including

  • content management
  • customer relationship management
  • membership or subscriber management
  • event management
  • email campaign management
  • publishing
  • professional networking

Cirql Services

Cirql provides a high level of support and training to ensure our software is perfectly adapted to the needs of each of our clients. Complex database applications are part of our standard repertoir as businesses rely in their Internet applications for all aspects of their business activity.

Get your Cirql site up and running today

1. Register with Cirql

We'll contact you to establish your needs. Cirql is committed to the highest standard of service and support.

2. Create your website

Our site wizard is a simple form that allows you to set up a fully functioning website.

  • CMS
  • Email Campaign
  • RSS feeds
  • Analytics and reporting

3. Choose business applications

Setup the following modules

  • Membership or subscription
  • Events
  • Professional Networking

4. Choose a theme

Cirql's theme manager allows you to experiment with different layouts and designs. You can use a standard design and layout with your branding or talk to us to establish your exact needs.

5. 14 day Free trial

It's yours to evaluate. During that time, you can contact us by online help, phone or email so we can help you properly evaluate all features of the Cirql system against your business needs. We guarantee your privacy.